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About Sovicell


Sovicell has been a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries since 1994 and developed all the Company’s products in close cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies.

We have developed core competencies in:

  • The surface modification of solid supports - resulting in our patented TRANSIL technology, which enables the easy and reproducible measurement of drug candidate interactions with biological membranes or physiological proteins. Further product developments have resulted in a total of ten patents.
  • The provision of services for plasma protein binding based on our extensive experience and constantly evolving technology. We offer specialist services for assessing plasma protein binding of small molecules and peptides, including tightly bound, “sticky”, and hardly soluble compounds.
  • Assay development - rapid assay development services based on our unique integration of mathematical assay simulation and wet lab capabilities.

Our experienced scientific team is renowned for its problem-solving approach, which delivers solutions that meet the continually changing needs of our customers.

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