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Dedicated to providing leading ADMET products and services, Sovicell enables our customers to rapidly obtain accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data and side-effect predictions about their drug candidates or other test substances.

Sovicellís ready-to-use TRANSIL technology addresses current issues in drug discovery by providing assay systems both for soluble polar and lipophilic chemistries. Available as kits, the assays require minimal labor, reduce mass spectrometer instrument time, provide superior flexibility, and speed-up discovery while reducing the need for animal trials.

The latest releases of the TRANSIL kits have been optimized using Sovicellís unique simulation platform that combines mathematical models describing the physical chemistry binding processes with laboratory validation. This approach massively reduces assay development time and yields highly optimized assay systems. This unique assay development platform is also available as a service.


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Ready-to-use in vitro TRANSIL®
assay kits for


Latest Product Launch

TRANSIL® Microsomal Binding kit:
  • Rapid detection of microsomal binding to correct metabolic stability assays
  • High recovery even for very ďstickyĒ drugs
  • Cost effective, user friendly, and easy to use assay system


Contract Services

  • Benefit from Sovicellís in depth experience in assessment of plasma protein binding with FDA and EMEA recognized procedures.
  • Employ our skills and experience in a broad variety of ADME assays covering tissue binding, membrane permeability, and side-effect screening.
  • Optimize and accelerate assay development with Sovicellís unique integration of mathematical assay simulation tools and laboratory experience.


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