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Plasma Protein Binding

The plasma protein binding of drugs continues to be important for critical pharmacokinetic evaluations and in routine clinical monitoring of drugs. This is because for many drugs, the therapeutic and toxic response correlates better with the concentration of diffusible, unbound drug than with the total drug concentration.

Several methods exist for assessing the unbound fraction of a drug in plasma. Standard methods include dialysis, ultrafiltration, centrifugation and rapid dialysis with immobilized plasma proteins such as TRANSILXL (AAG) and TRANSILXL HSA AGP Binding kits. Once the unbound fraction of the drug become very low and comprises only 1% of the total drug in plasma or even less, then all the mentioned methods become inaccurate mainly because of analytical problems such as detection limits, non-linear responses (LC-MS/MS), or limited compound purity (scintillation counting). To overcome these limitations, as well as common issues with low recovery or limited solubility, we offer the TRANSILXL High Sensitivity Binding kit.

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