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Sovicell has extensive experience in providing plasma protein binding assay services to large and small pharmaceutical companies.

Detailed Plasma Protein Binding Assays
We provide the full suite of methods available in the market and advise our customers on the best methods suitable to their particular compounds. Typically, customers approach us with their challenging, hardly soluble, “sticky”, or tightly bound compounds. However, we also provide routine services for early screening, lead optimization, development and dose finding studies. All our services meet state-of-the art international standards including stability and detailed recovery analyses, positive and negative controls, and linear or non-linear calibrations. Contact us for truly reliable plasma protein binding service.

ADME Assays
Beyond plasma protein binding assays we offer a broad suite of ADME assays including brain tissue binding measurements, intestinal absorption assay (CACO-2and TRANSIL), membrane permeability assays (PAMPA and TRANSIL), microsomal binding studies (TRANSIL and dialysis), and brain availability estimations. All studies are performed to the highest standards.

Assay Development
For our pharma, biotech and diagnostic customers we offer an assay development service based on our technology platform that integrates mathematical simulation, statistical analysis and laboratory experiments. This approach massively reduces assay development time and cost while increasing the accuracy, positive predictive value and negative predictive value. Contact us for more information.

The Sovicell service advantage:

  • tailor made services; customized to our customers’ needs
  • responsive, timely and professional delivery of results including presentation & interpretation
  • state-of-the-art technology, methods and equipment
  • experienced and knowledgeable staff

To find out further information or to receive advice about your specific needs, please contact our dedicated contract research team:

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